• When you work with Amelia Risk, you’ll get practical risk management advice, prompt servicing, and best-in-class coverage. Partnering with them has allowed me to focus on running my business while making educated decisions about my insurance program. With Amelia, you won’t wonder if your insurance broker is working hard for you – you’ll know they are proactively managing your insurance as if they were an internal department.
    The Good Crisp Company
  • I really enjoy working with you all. I feel very fortunate to have found such an awesome, incredibly smart group of folks. I'm consistently amazed by your work (I simply cannot wrap my head around the complexities of your industry), and feel grateful to have a team of experts in my corner!
  • It really means a lot to get this support as it’s a constant challenge starting your own business. I’ve really enjoyed working with your team which has made understanding my insurance needs 1000x simpler than ever before
  • Lanie
    Amelia Risk is fantastic. I’ve spoken with several different insurance providers, but ultimately decided to work with Danielle and her team. The level of communication, thorough and clear explanations, and responsiveness makes this process easier, especially as a first time entrepreneur. The team and level of service is what sets them apart from others! Also, I appreciate the technology platform they use, so it minimizes the repetitive fields I need to complete from other similar forms


Does your broker have the infrastructure, technology, and understanding to keep your insurance program up to date? We do.


We protect the refreshing, healthy, and forward-thinking products that our partners work so hard to create (and that we love to enjoy).


Technology is ever-changing, and so is your risk. It's essential that your broker truly understands your product - we take pride in building that level of understanding.


You work hard to design and create beautiful products, making them both accessible and cost effective. Let us do the same for you.


Who is Amelia?

Amelia Risk is a women-owned and operated insurance brokerage in San Francisco. Our team has been working with startups and high-growth companies for a combined 60+ years, but that doesn't mean that we adhere to the status quo.

As founders ourselves, we're here to help simplify the archaic, complex world of insurance so you can maintain your focus on what matters - running your business. We're upgrading the client experience by adopting the right technology to streamline time-wasting processes and doing the right thing because it's the right thing.

Amelia’s approach to risk management is simple: we will work with you to assess your company’s unique risk and help you design an insurance program that fits your specific needs. Insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all, and neither is our approach.

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