About us

We are a team of ambitious risk managers paving the way for the next generation of insurance brokers. We don't shy away from the risks that pop up at each new phase of your company lifecycle; rather, we help you forecast them and recommend the right insurance solutions wherever you are.

We're committed to providing best-in-class service and advice.

We are experts in uncovering your exposures and implementing insurance policies that match your stage, appetite for risk, and budget.

Insurance is not a one-size-fits all product. We believe that your insurance should fit your needs and that you should understand the products that you’re buying. That’s why our team will first identify your individual risks, then discuss how to best address those risks with a variety of insurance products.

Insurance policies that are tailored to your business

Truly understand what you're buying, and what you're not

Expert guidance & advice whenever you need it

Our Values




Ideas over egos

How we're different

Business insurance shouldn’t be a pain to find or frustrating to understand. We know the process can be overwhelming and we’re here to help simplify it so you can maintain your focus on what matters – running your business. No longer will we ask you to fill out multiple pdfs, Word docs, etc., only to print out, sign, and scan them back to us.

We believe in domain expertise, so when you partner with us, you’ll get the benefits of working with true risk advisors with the efficiency technology provides.

We do the right thing because it's the right thing

It really is that simple – we believe there’s room to be wildly successful and have long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships by simply doing the right thing.

This means not cutting corners to save a few bucks; this means treating our underwriters, wholesale brokers, and strategic partners with respect and appreciation; this means enjoying working with our clients day-to-day because we have a mutual foundation of respect .

Business insurance
the easy way