Consumer Products

The quest to offer affordable, quality, and sustainably made household and consumer goods demands both creativity and principled commitment.

What are the biggest risks facing Consumer Product companies?

Consumer goods such as appliances, baby products, apparel, and our favorite – accessible luxury brands, face similar risks to cpg companies. Your product is your exposure. The liability that arises from use of your physical products, but also – protecting your largest asset. Insuring your stock appropriately at any point in the supply chain is critical to making sure it gets in the hands of your valuable customers.

Sourcing the best quality materials is one of the keys to your differentiation; the right insurance for your stock protects you for loss of those raw materials through to your finished goods. So how valuable is your property insurance? Do you have coverage for catastrophic losses such as earthquake and flood? Does your stock valuation appropriately reflect the real value of your property? What happens if a manufacturer or supplier you depend on has a loss and you can no longer rely on them – how much income would you lose?

These are some of the important questions you and your broker should be evaluating together to uncover your specific needs. We’ll help you curate a sound insurance program so you can continue creating the beautiful things you do.

Insurance policies for Consumer Product companies to consider

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