Our Specialties

We maintain a narrow focus in a few industry verticals, giving us subject matter expertise and allowing us to provide our clients with relevant and tailored advice. In addition to this expertise, our focus in these key areas results in stronger relationships with our underwriters, brokers, and carrier partners, giving us additional leverage. What this means to you is better coverage, better prices.


What you can expect in working with us

We will ask questions to understand your business; we will explain insurance in easy-to-understand terminology; we will provide transparency to the process and products; we will read the insurance policies we offer you; we will negotiate better coverage and better pricing for you; we will advocate for your needs during claims.


We work together so that we can understand your company, gather information, and understand your specific needs.


We represent you to the dozens of insurance companies with whom we work to provide you with the best coverage at the best price.


Once we receive offers, or quotes, from insurance companies, we discuss the results and our recommendation with you.


You decide how to proceed.


With a fast-growing and ever-changing environment, it’s important that your broker has the infrastructure, technology, and understanding to keep your insurance program up to date. Founders rely on us to warn them about new risks that arise from such rapidly changing exposures.

CPG Companies

We specialize in providing best-in-class coverage for better-for-you food, beverage, and cosmetic companies. Just as you are providing refreshing, healthy, and forward-thinking products, we are working with insurance companies to make sure your stock is valued appropriately and that your risks are mitigated to the largest extent possible.


Technology is ever-changing, and insurance often has a hard time keeping up with it. It’s imperative that your broker understands your technology and how it works in order to provide a sound program.

Consumer Products

The quest to offer affordable, quality, and sustainably made household and consumer goods demands both creativity and principled commitment.

Business insurance
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